Prestige  Photography  by  Gene

Prestige  Photography  by  Gene

Prestige  Photography

​       by    Gene


  The purpose of every business is of course first to make a profit, but second is, or should be, to be a positive influence on and in the community. In an effort to be a positive force in the community, I provide pro bono services as well as voluntary efforts to a non-profit in the Colorado Springs community known nationally as Mosaic. Mosaic works with intellectually challenged adults, helping them in a variety of ways to help them become as independent and engaged in the community as the are able.  I join with others in supporting and promoting other businesses that share my passion to help those in need. 

  In addition, I donate 10% of all client print orders over $500 to a charity of their choice. 

   It is vital to the life of any community to have businesses that look inward to find ways to preserve their community for those who follow. The legacy of a community is established and known entirely by the legacy of its business owners. The responsibility of leadership is the privilege of business ownership.

Prestige Photography by Gene is a BBB Accredited Photographer in Colorado Springs, CO

Gene  Gustafson


​​​ Located in Colorado Springs,                                                              is a custom Photography service tailored to meet your specific photographic needs.​

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