In the image to the left, a fire was added to the fireplace in post-processing. Also, a blank TV can easily be given an attractive scene to add interest. At little or no extra cost, these touches can bring life to Residential Real Estate photos that will make your listings stand out from your competition, and increase your sales in Colorado Springs and the Front Range.

Prestige Photography 

​by Gene

​​​Residential  Real  Estate Photography .

  Make your Residential Real Estate Listings stand out from your competition by calling today. For your next listing, put  Prestige Photography by Gene  on your list. Let's boost your traffic and closings. 

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  I use battery powered Strobe lighting mixed with natural light for Residential Real Estate Photography instead of HDR. This technique provides natural color and an accurate representation in my images. It is paramount when using flash, that it doesn't appear to have been flashed.

  Whether interiors, or exteriors, lighting and perspective are given the attention that results in images that aren't over or underexposed and verticals are actually vertical. 

  Presenting images that are natural to the eye add an appeal to your listings that attracts buyers. 

    Whether you are a Realtor, or a Custom Home Builder,  Residential Real Estate Photography is a critical component of marketing real estate that is vital to the quick sale of a property, or gaining the confidence of a new client. The first impression a buyer gets of any listing is typically on a web-site, an MLS, or a flyer posted on the For Sale sign. First impressions last. For a Custom Home Contractor, the quality of your images need to reflect the quality of your build.

   Inferior images will do more to dissuade a client than to persuade that client.  When quality images are used for Residential Real Estate marketing, it can produce immediate showings, rather than waiting and hoping for a good turnout at an open house.