Commercial Real Estate Photography

  The intended traffic flow built into any structure needs to be demonstrated in Commercial Real Estate Photography. After all, the purpose behind the design and build of any structure is to provide access and use by the public or employees, not just shelter. That is just as important as any other function of the facility.

As seen below, the skeleton of a structure is paramount to, and even as beautiful as the finished project. When that is true, it should be imperative that it be recorded and presented as such.

Too often, the most important part of a structure is buried beneath the surface.

   My goal and purpose is to provide quality Commercial Real Estate Photography to Colorado Springs and the Front Range, promoting the products and services provided by Architects, Commercial Contractors, Engineers, and Interior Designers. In order to bring out the unique character and design of any structure, it is necessary to bring in the proper lighting for each structure when needed. The key to a successful flashed photo is to make it appear like it wasn't flashed.


   Attention to the key features of a structure is what I focus on when approaching a Commercial Real Estate Photo shoot. Emphasizing what is important to my clients is paramount in my work. Putting in the finish touches in post-processing further enhances the images, without altering the reality of the subject. 


 Time of day is critical to any shoot, in order to minimize harsh shadows or extremely bright lit areas. The overall affect should look natural to the eye, and pleasing as well. The function and purpose of a facility should be easily recognizable to the viewer. Artistic design and form is another factor that should be accented when necessary and appropriate.

​Prestige Photography

​by Gene

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