Prestige  Photography 

​  by  Gene


  ​I believe a photograph to be an important statement, not just a simple "grab" image.  Whether a portrait or a corporate statement, my work not only represents my client, but it first represents me and my dedication to the art. That drives me to a level of quality that demands I use the best equipment to its fullest  capabilities, as well as my own abilities and talents. 

  I continually educate myself and work to elevate my skills and  techniques in order to  expand my capabilities, and provide a quality product to my clients.

How  I  got  here


  My photographic journey began in 1971 in 35mm format, progressed to large format in 1992, and I now shoot digital exclusively. My focus in the early years was landscapes and architecture, with some portrait work thrown in here and there.  

  The experience I gained in landscapes gives me the ability to think first of the background I choose before placing my subject in portraiture work.

That gives me an advantage in architectural work as well. 

Gene   Gustafson      ​Photographer